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ready2climb: handcuffs are removed

From Monday 19th July, the COVID-19 regulations are largely removed. However, the disease has not gone away.

We want to keep customers and staff safe and will continue to operate using “COVID Secure” protocols. This is our updated COVID-19 guidance and how ready2climb will be operating over the summer holidays:

From Monday 19th July

The one way system will stay in place, but will be more flexible. Our aim is to keep the reception area clear at change-over time.

All adults will be required to ‘check-in’ with the NHS Test & Trace app and keep their Bluetooth operational for the duration of their visit (TIP: Do not leave your phone within 2m of a phone from another group otherwise you will get a false contact)

We will continue to ask non-participating adults to wear face coverings while wandering around the building and mingling with others.

Spectators will be welcome back and there will be more opportunity to enjoy a quiet cuppa and a cake while the kids are climbing

Our staff will continue to wear face-coverings or visors when working closely with customers to minimise the risk of transmission.

Capacity restrictions will be removed from our conventional climbing facilities which means session availability can be increased and ‘drop-in’ competent climbers will be welcome (you will still need to sign in – fire regulations haven’t changed…).

We will continue to sanitise shared surfaces (chairs, fencing, auto belay tapes, etc.) between groups

From Saturday 24th July

ready2climb: An indoor caving system

The start of the summer holidays…

It’s back! It’s longer and harder!. The caving system makes its return. The Bouncy Truck will also make its comeback.

EDIT: This has been postponed due to 10 days of self-isolation…(Soz)

Catered Birthday parties will be more readily available with less limitations.

Parents will continue to fit harnesses to their own children. This is a sensible precaution to limit staff exposure across the working day.

The queue length on the Steps climb will continue to be managed so that children are not spending too much time together

We plan to re-introduce challenges such as blindfold climbing, but we have to be careful sharing equipment across family groups

From Monday 26th July

We are running top-rope evening clubs for youngsters and teenagers across the holidays. You can book on a PAYG basis or for the entire holiday period.

Choose from a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Youngsters start at 4.30pm and teens start at 5.45pm.

From early August

Fun climbing session timings will revert to pre-COVID timings which will give climbers another 10 minutes (approx) of climbing time.

Fun climbing capacities will increase to 20

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