Bouldering is a great sport for everyone to try. Unlike roped climbing where height is needed, bouldering is a style of climbing at low height over thick crash matting without ropes or harnesses so it’s ideal if you want to have a workout without having to worry about wearing the correct safety equipment or you don’t like climbing too high.

Bouldering is suitable for all ages and abilities as long as you are ready to take the challenge!

It’s ready! You can see how the bouldering wall developed in our gallery page here

ready2climb: an indoor bouldering wall

Supervised Bouldering Sessions

Bouldering is great sport for everyone from kids through to adults and it’s really inclusive. Our supervised sessions are designed for ages 4 upwards and anybody can join in – we’ll keep you entertained!

No experience is necessary and these sessions are ideal for those wanting to give bouldering a try without committing too much time or money.

Supervised bouldering sessions are 45 minutes long with approximately 40 minutes of bouldering time. The sessions run periodically over the course of a weekend.

Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the Bouldering zone. You can rent a pair of Climbing shoes for £1.50 per pair or why not bring a pair of indoor only plimsolls. Bare-foot climbing is not permitted.

Climbing chalk is routinely used in the bouldering zone – hand hygiene is important as it’s a laxative!

Independent / Unsupervised Bouldering

If you simply want to boulder, then these are for you. you already know what a great sport it is! For a quieter bouldering session, we suggest that you avoid change-over times and supervised session times.

We’ve set a wide range of grades but have concentrated in the V3 – V6 grade range. As you can climb on the ceiling, we’ve linked a number of individual problems into circuits.

One of our circuits has over 30 sequences including downclimbing while other problems have eliminate holds and mandatory ‘zone’ holds.


Adults can boulder independently in open sessions after successful completion of an Induction Course (suitable for someone who has never bouldered before) or successful completion of a competency assessment and subsequent registration.


All U18s need to have some form of supervision from a competent adult. The extent of that supervision depends on the age of the young person.

Ages 16 – 17

Young adults between the ages of 16 and 17 can boulder in open sessions after successful completion of a Bouldering Induction Course or successful demonstration of their competence and subsequent membership registration.

A Responsible Adult must sign their consent prior to bouldering and remain on site to enable oversight of the activity.

Ages 12 – 15

Youths between the ages of 12 and 15 can boulder in open sessions after successful completion of a Bouldering Induction Course that a parent must also complete. After the Full Induction Course, both the parent and the youth must register as members.

A Responsible Adult must sign their consent prior to bouldering and remain on site to enable oversight of the activity.

Ages 4 – 11

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 can boulder in open sessions alongside a competent, registered adult who is also bouldering.

A competent registered adult can supervise up to 2 novices unless the family household unit consists of 3 children.

Bouldering Induction

Bouldering Induction Course

The Bouldering Induction course is a pre-booked 2 hour session that identifies just how great a sport it is for everyone. It starts with warm-up techniques and then considers the risks of falling and the risks of other people present in the bouldering zone. The rental of climbing shoes is included for all participants. After successful completion of the full induction course, successful participants can register as competent boulderers. Bouldering inductions run on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.

Competency Assessment

ready2climb has a duty of care to ensure that climbers wishing to use our facilities independently can do so safely. We achieve this with a self-declaration on a registration form and a subsequent Competency Assessment.

Although the Competency Assessment is not intended as an exam, anybody who cannot complete it satisfactorily must book onto a Bouldering Induction Course and will not be able to boulder independently until the Bouldering Induction Course has been successfully completed.

Competency Assessments can cover bouldering, or can cover climbing related skills (harness, tying in, use of belay device).

Booking Options

Please choose the appropriate booking option below. Each schedule is managed separately, so if you have any queries about the correct option, please contact us BEFORE you book as mistakes made after booking are harder to rectify

Supervised Bouldering Session (or fun climbing)

Unsupervised / Independent Bouldering

Induction Course

We’re pleased to finally run bouldering induction courses. These run on Wednesday nights starting at 8pm.