ready2climb: a fun climb themed to emulate the classic Pac Man computer game
ready2climb: a fun climb themed to look like bubbles

How does it work?

Fun climbing at ready2climb combines a revolutionary automatic belaying system that lowers the climber safely to the ground and themed climbing surfaces to create an amazing climbing experience for everyone.

Fun climbing for all

Using attentive and knowledgeable instructors, we bring the sport of rock climbing to a wide audience ranging from complete beginner to accomplished climber.

The fun climbing zone consists of 14 auto-belay protected routes, a low level traversing wall and a 5m long slackline that together provide a wide range of climbs suitable for all.

If you are looking for activities for the family to do on weekend, then fun climbing is ideal.


Our fun climbing sessions start on the hour with a mandatory briefing session and harnessing.  Please turn up at least 15 minutes before your session starts to check-in. “Last climb” is called at approximately 10 minutes to the hour.  More information is available in our Fun climbing tips.

Turning up on time is important – if you are late, you may not be able to join the session.

Sessions are size limited, so booking is recommended.

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Prices are per person, non transferable once the session has started (names can be changed up to the start of the session)

Fun climbing booked in advance
(including all safety equipment)

From £11.50

Climbing shoes

From £1.50pr

Bouncy Truck (15 minute session)

This option is not currently available


Taster Caving session(15 minute session)

This option is not currently available


Explorer Caving session (30 minute session)

This option is not currently available


Parental involvement

Our commitment is to provide you and your youngsters with the very best climbing experience. We are proud of our approach which enables us to challenge or encourage as appropriate on an individual basis. Compare this to the operating model of the large franchise operations who require parents to ‘clip’ their youngsters on and off the climbs.

Our approach means that parents can either join in or spectate in the knowledge that their youngsters are climbing in a controlled environment – climbing isn’t and can never be considered “safe” but our operating procedures maximise the enjoyment while minimising the risk.

Unless your child needs your involvement, we suggest that you let our staff deal with any climbing related issues that may arise.

A parent must remain on site for all climbers under the age of 18.

Booking (age five and above)

The best way to book for anyone over the age of five is online. You can check availability, it’s easy and it’s open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. You can usually get a discount too!

Four year olds – a special case

We have specific operating procedures to ensure that 4 year olds gain the maximum enjoyment from climbing.  To ensure that you are aware of these procedures, please contact us before bringing your 4 year old on their first visit.

ready2climb: a double sided see through fun climbing wall

Why not join in? Adults can climb too.

Parents are often surprised by the level of exertion required to overcome gravity but it’s good fun and we’ll keep you entertained with challenges throughout your session.

Adult only sessions

Periodically, we run adult-only sessions. These give us the opportunity to show you some ‘spicy’ challenges that we don’t want children to try. The adult sessions are typically run on a weekday evening and can be organised upon request. The sessions are publicised via our Facebook page or via the blog.

Group bookings

We can offer exclusive use at a discounted rate for bona-fida youth groups on weekday evenings. We offer a 2 hour booking which typically consists of an hour’s fun climbing, a short break and then 15 minutes ’round-robin’ on each of our other activities. These change from time to time, but currently include our Bouncy Truck, a quick bouldering burn-out and our artificial caving system.

Older youth climbing groups, such as Scouts, Guides and Explorers may consider top-rope climbing instead of fun climbing – especially if badges are being worked for.

Note: due to COVID-19, the caving system and the Bouncy Truck are currently not available.

Please e-mail us to check availability

Fun climbing (or supervised bouldering)