If you are a competent climber, all you need to know is that we use a standard BMC registration form and conduct standard competency tests. All you need to do is turn up with your climbing partner, you both register, you both demonstrate that you know what you are doing and off you go! We’ve got top rope, lead and training facilities.

ready2climb: the BMC's participation statement

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Top rope climbing

Top rope climbing is so called because the rope is always above the climber, with the belayer limiting the extent of any fall.

In our Top Rope zone, the ropes are permanently fixed in place and must not be removed. If they are accidentally pulled down, staff are always available to replace them. Currently, we have 13 rope lines with graded routes between Fr4 and Fr7.

Lead climbing

Our lead wall is specifically designed for teaching lead climbing and falling!  There are 3 rope lines with graded routes between Fr4+ and Fr6c+. You need to bring your own climbing rope and harness to lead climb.  Quickdraws are pre-positioned (perma-draws). Climbers may not lead belay or lead climb until they have successfully completed a competency assessment.

Training area

We have comprehensive training facilities including bars, campus boards and fingerboards.  Novices, climbers under the age of 18 and guest climbers may not use the training facilities unless they are under direct supervision of a qualified instructor.

Equipment hire

We have a wide range of equipment that you can hire.  This includes a range of different harnesses and a wide range of karabiner / belay device combinations.  We don’t sell much climbing gear, so we have no commercial pressures to state whether one is better than another – try them, see which you like and then buy your preferred choice.

Novice Climbers

Climbing is a brilliant sport that exercises body and mind. It can be used as a stress reliever, a workout or just as a bit of fun and camaraderie. However, it is a technical sport and there are skills that must be learnt before you can climb safely. We teach a wide range of people – kids, teenagers, adults, in a group or individually. It’s entirely up to you how you wish to learn. We use recognised methods to teach the basics so that those skills are transferable wherever you wish to climb.

There are hundreds of indoor climbing centres in the UK alone and we will teach you the skills that each and every one of those centres will need you to demonstrate.

You can choose from group based lessons or take some private tuition – the choice is yours.

Competent Climbers


Competent climbers over the age of 18 are welcome to use our top rope and lead climbing facilities without supervision.  You are required to complete a registration form and take a competency test. Competent adults may download the registration form and complete it beforehand.

Adult competent climbers may also climb in our dedicated adults only session on a Thursday evening. This session is ideal for climbers without regular partners as most turn up as individuals.


Competent climbers over the age of 15 but under the age of 18 may climb with a competent parent, subject to the parent being registered and a competency test being conducted. We need to witness a parent signing their consent for unsupervised minors, so this form is not available on-line.

Competent teenagers who have left school (i.e. 16+) can climb alongside competent adults in the Thursday evening session – parents need to be aware that this session is an adult environment.


Children under the age of 15 are automatically classified as novices and must be directly supervised by a competent climbing adult. Children aged 8 or above may belay their peers if ‘tailed’ by the supervising adult.

Can I use the fun climbing facilities?

The fun climbing and conventional climbing are run as completely separate activities, so the fun climbing is not available to conventional climbers.

Under 4s

If you have your own harness and helmet and you wish to introduce your toddler to climbing, then you may do so.  We do not provide any equipment for use by any child under the age of 4. Shoes must be worn and we strongly suggest that climbing chalk is not used by a toddler.

Bringing novices

Competent, registered climbers may bring a maximum of 2 novice guests.  All safety equipment is provided as part of the entrance fee. Climbing shoes can be rented. Novices are not permitted to use the training facilities unless they are under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor.

I’m an instructor

Qualified instructors wishing to use ready2climb climbing facilities as part of their instructing and coaching are welcome to do so at a reduced cost. We need proof of your qualifications (including first aid), insurance and if working with other people’s children, a copy of DBS certificate(s) before you arrive. If you are using your own equipment, we also need to see evidence of appropriate inspections conducted by a HSE recognised ‘competent person.’ We will then provide you with details about ready2climb that you can share with your delegates.