Our group lessons provide a cost-effective method of learning the skills required for climbing. Our instructors work at the pace of each individual without anyone feeling pressured or intimidated.

We work in age appropriate groups so that the learning speed is optimised across a group – older siblings can choose to climb in a younger age group if they wish.

Courses include beginner top-rope courses for ages 8 – 12, 12 – 16 and adults. Competent top-rope climbers can then “learn to lead indoors”, “learn to lead sport” and “learn to lead trad.” Things don’t always go to plan, so we include techniques required for real life scenarios.

We are adding classes to the schedule all the time as climbing becomes more popular.

We also offer individual climbing tuition and coaching.

Youngsters climbing classes

These climbing courses are popular with ages 8-12 and teenagers alike. We start with the basics – fitting harnesses correctly, tying in and operating belay devices.

We emphasise the enjoyment of climbing, but we also maintain standards and ensure that ‘bad habits’ don’t creep into their climbing.

The progression to lead climbing is offered when we consider that the individual has achieved an appropriate level of maturity and has fully mastered the skills of belaying.

Adult climbing classes

We offer a wide range of skills based climbing courses for adults – from the basics of staying safe through to the skills required for alpine mountain climbing.

We know that you have specific ambitions so we only teach what you need to know. A modular approach flattens the learning curve and concentrates on climbing.